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  2. Anonymous asked: would you mind translating the rest of mib interview in sketchbook? thank you :3

    Sure! Why not ^^


  3. Kangnam being Kangnam in Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook (130907)

    1. YHY: Next, Kangnam.
    2. Kangnam: Yes.
    3. Audience: *laughing*
    4. Kangnam: Why? Why? Why?
    5. YHY: Your name is Kangnam? What is this?
    6. Kangnam: Well that's my name.
    7. YHY: Your REAL name?
    8. Kangnam: No, no. It's not my real name. My Japanese name is Yasuo.
    9. YHY: Yasuo?
    10. Kangnam: Yes, and that name means 'strong man' (kang-han nam-ja), so that's why it's Kangnam but not the place Gangnam.
    11. YHY: I see.. Oh, so you came from Japan?
    12. Kangnam: Yes. Around 3 years ago?
    13. 5zic: Yep.
    14. Kangnam: Yes, 3 years ago. But I'm good at Korean, aren't I?
    15. Audience: *laughing*
    16. YHY: You're a Japanese?
    17. Kangnam: Well yes, but my mother is Korean. But seriously, aren't I good at speaking Korean?
    18. Audience: *laughing*
    19. YHY: Until when did you live in Japan?
    20. Kangnam: Until I was 14 years-old. And then when I was in high school my mother sent me to Hawaii.
    21. YHY: You was sent to Hawaii?
    22. Kangnam: Yes. Because I'm doing badly in school.
    23. YHY: *speechless*

  4. #KimWoobin and #LeeJongsuk in one of my favorite pictures of them. ☺️


  5. Been missing these two lately: #LeeJongsuk and #KimWoobin. Or should I say #GoNamsoon and #ParkHeungsoo? Whichever it is.. I miss ‘em!


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  7. And I bought another variant of #OriginalSource shower gel even though I haven’t even use the first batch I bought last month. πŸ˜…


  8. theperksofbeingjohnwatson:


    maybe he won’t die in the movie

    i love how we all know exactly what this post is about

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  9. Discombobulate (Sherlock Holmes movie theme) + BBC Sherlock theme piano mash up.


  10. Yep. Me too.

    Being sick and resting at home made me browsing through random TV channels and found one which played an F4 song. This totally threw me into a nostalgic mode reminiscing the time when I was being their obsessed fangirl years ago. Still though, I’m not kidding if I said that I still can’t like the newer F4 because of them.

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