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imagine hyuk dancing terribly around the dorm though (~_~;)

can you give me the link to the "n knows everything about leo" video?
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deenakahara have you seen thissss

No I haven’t! T_____T


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[INTERVIEW] CECI September 2014 - “A Bitter Serenade” (Leo)



VIXX’s promotions for <Eternity> have ended, and now you have Lyn and Leo’s project album release coming up (The interview took place on July 31st).

The title ‘Blossom Tears’ fortells picking out petals one by one, ‘He loves me, he loves me not.” It’s a story about a man who carries a sad fate and the woman he loves, Lyn sunbae-nim personally wrote the lyrics. She explained the lyrics well, so it was a lot of help when we recorded.

What kind of story did you personally tell in the music video?

I play the role of a man who has been hurt by the woman he loves because she left him. After that, he kills the people he loves so that they can never leave him, a psychopath that wants complete ownership over them. Since there’s no script and I had to change my emotions like a rollercoaster with details, the acting was really hard but it ended well because the staff was really helpful.

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@deenakahara awww 우리 레오

우리 레오~~~~~ <3

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[ENGSUB] Big Bottle - Stress Come On Music Video
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Suitable for today’s super hot weather: #iced #greentea #latte! 😁

Suitable for today’s super hot weather: #iced #greentea #latte! 😁

National Anthem of Indonesia: Indonesia Raya

Happy 69th Independence Day of Indonesia!

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